Why is it important to purchase hearing aids from your own hometown audiologist?

  • One size of hearing aid does not fit all hearing losses. As a certified audiologist, I have attained the highest level of preparation in all areas of audiology, including counseling you in the selection of the very best hearing aids based on your individual hearing needs.
  • It takes time to achieve the full benefits of hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids can break or malfunction.

I am available five days every week to:

  • Provide the caring and professional follow-up that is necessary in order for you to achieve maximum hearing aid success and satisfaction.
  • Maintain your hearing aids so that you can always expect superior hearing aid performance.
  • Provide you with the latest hearing aid technology always at competitive prices. A three (3) year warranty and a three (3) year supply of batteries is included in the purchase price of every new hearing aid.


  • I am able to do adjustments and repairs on most brand of hearing aids - many repairs can be performed in the office while you wait.
  • I do hearing aid programming and adjustments using the computer. If I do not already have the software for a specific brand I can usually get it.
  • Warranty repairs through most major manufacturers are honored here.